Re: I'm new to balsa and can't get it to work ...

Craig has apparently unsubscribed so this isn't really for him...

> was rudely interrupted when I came to the balsa/newmail.wav sound.
> I don't need this kind of junk.

I bet these complaints will only get more common as balsa gets more 
"average" users.  I don't mind changing default sounds but apparently this 
really bothers some people.  Instead of packaging newmail.wav (fairly 
obnoxious and unchanged since 12/98 when pavlov checked it in) could we 
just link to /usr/share/sounds/phone.wav (gnome-audio-extra) or something
similar?  We could of course create a new sound, but I'm no artist in that 
area.  I hate to think people might be bad-mouthing a great email
client over something this silly.


--- Michael Broaddus <> ---
--- Sat Mar 30 15:26:24 2002             ---
--- gpgkey: 0x59DD97A4 ---

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