Re: I'm new to balsa and can't get it to work ...

On 2002.03.29 05:01 Craig McCluskey wrote:

> In Eudora, I pull down on "Transfer" from the main menu bar, select an
> existing mailbox or directory and then release the mouse button and
> the
> message is transferred. If my choice doesn't exist, I select "New ..."
> wherever I want to create either a mailbox or directory and then tell
> Eudora whether to make a mailbox or a directory. If I say mailbox, the
> message is transferred. If I say directory, Eudora makes the directory
> and then brings up a window where I can make a nested directory or a
> mailbox. When I finally tell it to make a mailbox, the message is
> transferred and the operation stops.
> I don't see equivalent functionality in Balsa. How do I do things like
> this?

balsa doesn't create directories that are not mailboxes. if you want to
nest mailboxes without creating directories outside of balsa you should
use nested MH mailboxes (MH format uses directories and 1 file per

> > > Ok, so where is the Transfer menu? Where is the context menu?
> > >
> >
> > "context menu" is gnome speak for button-3 click. right-click (if
> > your mouse is on the right side :)) on a message or list of messages
> Gnome speak, huh? How about something in a pull-down (like under
> Message
> or in the main menu bar), too?

fairly trivial to add as the code is already in the context menu,
noone seems to ever felt the need for it though.  

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