Re: I'm new to balsa and can't get it to work ...

Carlos Morgado wrote:
> balsa doesn't create directories that are not mailboxes. if you want to
> nest mailboxes without creating directories outside of balsa you should
> use nested MH mailboxes (MH format uses directories and 1 file per
> message)

Ah! Thanks for the clarification on the format.

Now ...

> > In Eudora, I pull down on "Transfer" from the main menu bar, select an
> > existing mailbox or directory and then release the mouse button and
> > the
> > message is transferred. If my choice doesn't exist, I select "New ..."
> > wherever I want to create either a mailbox or directory and then tell
> > Eudora whether to make a mailbox or a directory. If I say mailbox, the
> > message is transferred. If I say directory, Eudora makes the directory
> > and then brings up a window where I can make a nested directory or a
> > mailbox. When I finally tell it to make a mailbox, the message is
> > transferred and the operation stops.
> >
> > I don't see equivalent functionality in Balsa. How do I do things like
> > this?

I right click on a message and click on move and have the choices of
moving the message to the Trash or to a folder. The list of folders


but there is no capacity to make a new "folder" or a directory into
which I would put a folder. How do I do that?




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