Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] audiocd view in (net)rhythmbox

Il ven, 2003-05-09 alle 19:26, Jorn Baayen ha scritto:
> fre 2003-05-09 klockan 19.05 skrev Luca Ferretti:
> > 
> > IMHO the real trouble are lists: a lot of visual noise (you 'see better'
> > them, don't the search entry). 
> > A little step can be hide library browser be default.
> I think it is quite important to show the browser by default, just to
> get the users comfortable with it sooner..
> Yea, there is quite a lot of visual noise.. but.. I don't think a lot
> can be done about that.. 

It's OK for me. I will disable for myself :-)

> > 
> > Obviously see glade attach :-) BTW  lists border are changed from IN to
> > ETCHED_IN: IMHO is a little more cool using Traditional theme (standard
> > gtk+ theme), no changes for some others.
> We should use the standard (which is SHADOW_IN) definetely.. :)

Yeah, too much. But I'm experimenting and variating a lot, so you can
find joke-only stuff in mockups ;-)

About themes:
      * default GNOME theme is Simple, don't Traditional, isn't it
      * RH uses Bluecurve, so we should "test" it
      * Mdk uses Galaxy, same as above
      * SuSe ??? Geramik? Please, don't it sucks

> I don't think I like these too much either.. they're a bit too messy to
> my tastes.. like I said in my reply to Colin I think the iTunes style
> doesnt fit very well with the general GNOME style.. but I dunno.. thats
> just a feelign I get when I look at the mockups..

I'll open another thread about GNOME style.

Think bigger

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