Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] audiocd view in (net)rhythmbox

On Tue, 2003-04-22 at 14:38, MArk Finlay wrote:

> Are you interested in taking over rhythmbox HEAD code and implementing a
> UI on it? If you are then maybe things aren't so hopeless after all.

Ok, there is a semi-new UI, and a pretty massively refactored
infrastructure in the net-rhythmbox CVS HEAD.

It's still quite rough around the edges, but the core is there and
pretty much works.  

The big TODO item left is groups.  I haven't decided exactly how that
should work yet.  If we want to implement iTunes-like vfolders, it's
going to take a bit of thought.

But it should be quite hackable now.  I kept your "Rhythmbox Future" web
page in mind while doing all of this.

Jorn and I briefly discussed details on IRC, and I think what we'll end
up doing is sort of just keep merging each other's ideas and code until
we reach a point where netrb and rb are the same thing.

Onto the details: obviously I kept the toolbar.  I had taken it
partially out at one point, but I realized that I don't like the toolbar
layout you've proposed in your screenshot.  Some problems:

1) How do I seek?
2) How do I search?
3) Other stuff I can't remember because sourceforge is down....

Just for reference, in case you're having trouble compiling it, here's a
screenshot of the new netrb CVS HEAD:

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