Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] audiocd view in (net)rhythmbox

> Jorn and I briefly discussed details on IRC, and I think what we'll end
> up doing is sort of just keep merging each other's ideas and code until
> we reach a point where netrb and rb are the same thing.

Hmm, well you are the hackers - but don't forget what happened to the 
anjutas - in the end someones code will die

Good that work will go on somewhere though, was kinda looking 
forward to only  having one code base again - but nih I'm not
stepping up to code so i have no say really.

> Onto the details: obviously I kept the toolbar.  I had taken it
> partially out at one point, but I realized that I don't like the toolbar
> layout you've proposed in your screenshot.  Some problems:
> 1) How do I seek?

Yeah, that may need to go back in somewhere :/

> 2) How do I search?

I experimented with some ideas on

I'm not going to get to a linux box for a while and in general
won't be around much for the next while but i suggest
you get involved here:

and maybe work with Mark H on is ideas..


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