Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] audiocd view in (net)rhythmbox

Il ven, 2003-05-09 alle 09:53, Colin Walters ha scritto:

> I don't really like putting the search box on the bottom.  It just looks
> weird to me; it's not the normal place for a search.  And besides search
> should be something we're advertising heavily, not stuffing down in the
> corner.

Put search in bottom corner is unusual, but do you know the Fitt's law? 

        "The time to acquire a target is a function of the distance to
        and size of the target."

According to Fitt's Law, targets placed along the edges of the screen
are inherintly 'larger targets' because it's impossible to scroll beyond
the edge of a screen. Therefore targets should be placed along the edges
of the screen (Corners are even better, and directly under the mouse is

An example is panel default settings and applets.

IMHO the real trouble are lists: a lot of visual noise (you 'see better'
them, don't the search entry). 
A little step can be hide library browser be default.

> iTunes manages to get everything important in the top bar, although they
> take up a bit more space.  They put the repeat and shuffle buttons in
> the bottom.  Personally I'd rather put them in the menu, or do something
> else clever with them.

iTunes is just a different Fitt's law implementation :-) 

Repeat and shuffle are status indicators more then buttons :~| we need
them to quickly see how listed songs will be played

> Attached are two new UI proposals.  One removes the buttons entirely,
> another adds them back.

I agree: search entry is more visible. 

But I don't understand how can I use it in CD and/or playlist view. I
mean: I'm in cd mode and i type something in search entry: are search
results from CD or Library or All Sources?

Unfortunately iTunes' skin makes it more cool :-(

I try to review mochups for start default window keeping in mind:
      * we need at least volume control and 'multipurpose' button (and
        music controls too, of couse)
      * we should try to keep aligned lists, horiz and vert (it's
        somewhere in HIG)
      * minimize displayed lists by default (if you want lib browser,
        open it)
      * try fo fit Fitt's law (use 'central space' only for lists,
        edges/corners for controls)

Obviously see glade attach :-) BTW  lists border are changed from IN to
ETCHED_IN: IMHO is a little more cool using Traditional theme (standard
gtk+ theme), no changes for some others.


Think bigger

			My uncle


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