Re: [orca-list] Capital, Capital, Capital


Bohdan R. Rau  wrote / napÃsal(a):
I can write procedure for internationalized spelling, but I'm not python
programmer and I believe there is many people who can do it better :)

In fact I made some tests, my Orca spells properly all Polish accented
letters (and of course can spell any character defined in language.po
file). If you think it would be usable and nobody wants to do the dirty
job - I can try to finish it.

This is the beautifull world of open-source so any attempt is appreciated most likelly. However I am stil unsure what's your approach. This localisation specific issue as in different languages different words are used to wspell a letter phonetically. E.G. in english "alpha", "bravo".. etc are used while we in slovak are used to use "Adam", "BoÅena" etc.. So really the best we can expect is to have this in the translation files (like in present) or push synth developers to include such features. In reality synth spelling would be preferred but the only developer willing to listen to our crazy ideas is Jonathan so Espeak might happen to be the only synth capable of all these goodies. In the latest stable version it can perfectly spell the letters so I am sure it will be quite possible to have phonetic spelling as a good feature candidate for upcoming major releases.


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