Re: missing workflows with gnome-shell

That seems to be a sweet option. I think that the auto workspace
management is not a suit everybody solution. It seems slick for people
not used to workspaces, however *I* think that people accustomed to them
will have a hard time with the auto collection "shiftness". 
I'm not sure it's a problem of being able to get used to it. When you have more than 10 windows opened, you need some static organization.
> Maybe we could use boolean options like 'auto-collect empty workspaces
> surrounded by non-empty ones'  and 'auto-collect trailing empty
> workspaces' ?

Again sounds good, even though I think that just preserving all the
workspaces but the trailing ones (as it is now) is a good replacement
for old styled users :)
I don't know, adding options is not that hard, and since we're customizing and already out of bounds, why not being able to tune a little more ? I was also thinking of a default number of workspaces at startup .

Is there other feedback on this? I really have no idea whether it is me
and you or the new behaviour is critical also for other users.
I don't know, I cannot afford time to install the current gnome-shell on my colleagues computers. Maybe on the next coffee break ?


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