Re: missing workflows with gnome-shell

Le vendredi 04 février 2011 à 16:35 +0530, Sankar P a écrit :
> I really want to use gnome-shell moving forward. However, these things
> are kinda deal-killer for me. Are there any docs on how to write those
> extensions that you mentioned ? I can try my hands over the weekend.
And for examples.

> I believe fixed number of workspaces are something every developer
> will have. May be we should try to implement in the core instead of a
> plugin ?
I also feel like the Shell should allow people to have a fixed number of
workspaces on start, while keeping the default behavior easy for most users.
The problem is, it should not conflict with workspaces auto-management. See

> And one dumb question, should the plugins to gnome-shell also be
> written in JavaScript ?
Yes. But that's really an advantage, not a constraint. Writing an animation
to hide the panel will be much nicer in JS than it would have been with C. Not
even speaking of coding, you only need to drop one .js file to install
you extension, and you can try it live; with C, you'd have needed
Autotools, make install, and building it each time you want to test it.


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