missing workflows with gnome-shell


I tried the latest gnome-shell in the GNOME3 ISO put up Frederic
Crozat and could not find equivalents for few workflows that used to
work with the old GNOME. I searched the FAQ but could not find any
solution and asking here to find solutions.

Vertical workspace navigation: Currently all workspaces are in only
one row. I want a fixed 3x3 number of workspaces. I keep my terminal
in the centermost workspace where I spend most of the time. I keep
browser, IRC, email client , all one workspace adjacent to the center
workplace. This way, from the terminal, I can go to any workspace with
just one keystroke. Imagine a big + sign, with my most active
workspace in the center. However, with gnome-shell I am not able to
find a way to navigate vertically nor does it remember the number of
workspaces. Is there an alternate to this ?

Keyboard Navigation: When I press the windows (super) key, I get a
Windows, Applications tab. But neither arrow keys nor tab takes me to
navigate across these two tabs. I am forced to use my mouse for
navigating between these two. I have heard that gnome-shell is very
keyboard friendly but I am not able to navigate across these two tabs
via the keyboard. Any solution for this ?

Hiding the panel: I always hide my gnome-panel using the direction
buttons in the old gnome-panel. I set the panel to auto-hide also.
This way I get maximum screen space for all my applications. However I
am not able to find a way to hide the top panel in gnome-shell. How do
I do it ?

Please help me find alternatives for these workflows.


Sankar P

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