Re: missing workflows with gnome-shell

Il giorno mer, 23/02/2011 alle 10.28 +0100, Thomas Bouffon ha scritto:

> Hi   !
> Actually you can override the Main._checkWorkspaces function. I
> modified it so that it only removes the last workspaces if there are
> more than one. Thus if the first workspace is empty but the 2nd one is
> not, the 1st won't be deleted.
> I also modified _ensureAtLeastWorkspaces to move the window to the new
> workspace created, so that new workspaces are not collected if there
> are more than 2.
> This workflow suits my needs, at least (I generally use 4 Desktops and
> put Firefox on the 3rd, which now guarantees me the 4 desktops.)
> I renamed extension.js to extension.txt and attached it here.
> Any remarks are welcome !

It suits my workflow as well, so it was definitely welcome, and it makes
sense in the context of the extension.
Pushed to master, thanks a lot!


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