Re: missing workflows with gnome-shell

On 4 February 2011 08:49, Sankar P <psankar gnome org> wrote:
> Vertical workspace navigation: Currently all workspaces are in only
> one row. I want a fixed 3x3 number of workspaces. I keep my terminal
> in the centermost workspace where I spend most of the time. I keep
> browser, IRC, email client , all one workspace adjacent to the center
> workplace. This way, from the terminal, I can go to any workspace with
> just one keystroke. Imagine a big + sign, with my most active
> workspace in the center. However, with gnome-shell I am not able to
> find a way to navigate vertically nor does it remember the number of
> workspaces. Is there an alternate to this ?

That's by design I believe. Workspaces in the shell are going to be
created and removed on demand and the layout is going to be linear
IIUC. But most of that work is still on branch[1].

> Keyboard Navigation: When I press the windows (super) key, I get a
> Windows, Applications tab. But neither arrow keys nor tab takes me to
> navigate across these two tabs. I am forced to use my mouse for
> navigating between these two. I have heard that gnome-shell is very
> keyboard friendly but I am not able to navigate across these two tabs
> via the keyboard. Any solution for this ?


> Hiding the panel: I always hide my gnome-panel using the direction
> buttons in the old gnome-panel. I set the panel to auto-hide also.
> This way I get maximum screen space for all my applications. However I
> am not able to find a way to hide the top panel in gnome-shell. How do
> I do it ?

Not possible currently. Not sure if that's been considered by the design people.


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