[Glade-users] How to simultaneously minimize/iconify windows


I have widely spread the GTK+ documentation and the Glade source code
I didn't manage to understand how Glade can group the
Palette/Properties/.. windows.

I noticed that Glade display just one iconified window in the Windows
bar and when you minimize one of the windows, all windows are
simultaneously iconified. I would like to do the same thing !

Glade doesn't do that for me, on Linux, and I didn't write any code to
do that. So I don't know how it is done either!


Why not hide all the windows but the main one and just iconify that one

Good idea ! After thourough analysis of the Glade behaviour, it might be
what Glade does.

But, this is half of the answer. When Glade is open with the miscelaneous
windows (palette, property editor, ...), there is still one element
iconified in the taskbar. Are these windows child of the main window ?
Is it a group ?

My attempts to use grouped windows have been unsuccessful: 'not
implemented'  in the DOS console. Not tested under Linux, yet.

Anyways, Glade source code seems to be the solution, again.

Thanks, Romain.
Romain Li�vin :               <roms lievin net>
Web site :              http://www.lievin.net
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