[Glade-users] Glade for Windows: autogen problem

Frank Hrebabetzky wrote:

First, excuse my ignorance: I know some programming, but I am not
familiar with autogen, autoconf and so on.
Neither am I :-(

I just installed the Glade/GTK package
gtk+-win32-aio-2.2.4-20040124.exe, built a very simple interface, and
I got a little later one, gtk-win32-aio-2.4-rc10.exe

got an error message when I executed "./autogen.sh" under msys:

./configure: line 4021: syntax error near unexpected token
My error was a little different but makes me want to know just what is
the required setup in Windows to get Glade output to compile.  Did you ever
get an answer to your problem?

interesting coincidence that while I am typing this, I am listening to

Damon Register

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