[Glade-users] Glade for Windows: autogen problem

Ishan Chattopadhyaya wrote:
Actually, in windows, a lot of people prefer using some sort of an IDE
having come from a Borland/Windows environment, I would love that.  At this
point this is all new to me.  I am trying to just get started with Gtk
because my department has decided on Gtk.  Most of them are working on
Sun/Solaris and Ada so I am on my own for Windows and C/C++.

instead of using makefiles. Dev-C++, MS Visual C++ and MingW Development
I will take a look at them.  I just finished downloading Dev-C and
Visual MinGW from http://www.bloodshed.net/ but after a little more
searching I found MinGW developer studio at http://www.parinya.ca/ and
I assume this is the one to which you refer?  Has anyone ever done this
with any Borland products?

I think using LibGlade is the only available option since the source code
generation option has been deprecated (for reasons many don't agree with). I
I guess that is good to know before I get too far into any project.
Do you know what those reasons are?  I tried visiting
http://glade.gnome.org/history.html  but I didn't see anything about it
there.  I also looked at http://glade.gnome.org/links.html and clicked on
libglade but it is a dead link.  That doesn't seem too encouraging

think the libglade sample and test files along with the API reference that
is available is good enough to start off anyone with libglade.
I am looking but I still haven't found those examples.  After getting past
configuration issues, making a simple project with Glade built code was
a piece of cake but without any example or simple tutorial, doing so with
libglade isn't so easy.

Btw, here's a makefile that i made manually for compiling directly off the
Thanks.  I will give it a try

Damon Register

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