[Glade-users] TreeView with context menu


I try to make a program with libglademm library. With Glade, I make a
GtkTreeView class. So in my code I can point it like this:
m_refGlade->get_widget( "treeview1", m_TreeView );

where m_TreeView is declared like this:
Gtk::TreeView* m_TreeView;

But to use pop up context menu, I must derived the Gtk::TreeView class
after reading this tutorial:

So let's say my derived class of Gtk::TreeView is TreeView_WithPopup.
and I declared it like this:
TreeView_WithPopup* m_TreeView.

But I got error about failing dynamic cast if I runt the program and my
tree did not show up. How do I point to derived class of Gtk::TreeView

Thank you.



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