Re: [Evolution] Move mail to where?

On Tue, 2020-01-21 at 18:19 +0100, Andre Klapper wrote:
On Tue, 2020-01-21 at 17:02 +0000, George N. Reeke wrote:
Why not have a regular expressions option (for search and whereto)
for those who know how to use it?

Because this that has already existed for years? "Advanced users can
combine numerous conditions by using the Free form expression syntax"

Andre, thanks, I just switched from an older evolution and didn't
know about (i.e. didn't read about) that.

I also admit that I have no idea what "whereto" means and sincerely
hope it does not imply the "Message > Copy/Move to Folder" dialog.

I was responding to the earlier posting about filters and this was
intended to refer to whereto the filter would move the mail.


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