Re: [Evolution] Move mail to where?

Here is my workflow.  Apparently yours is different.  It would be
nice if evolution would allow variations.

Sometimes the answer is a simpler workflow.

Perhaps COPY the mail to the archive folder [via filter] - leaving you
free to simply DELETE the message from your INBOX once you've dealt-
with/read the message.  No moving of messages required.

current year.  All I am asking for is that when I select a named
folder by typing a few letters, by default the dialog should
always pick the one for the current year when there are duplicates,
unless I scroll to and click on a different one.

Putting on my developer hat: that may seem intuitive, but it's not. 
That is hyper-specific use-case behavior.  What does "current" mean,
for example.

I think this might be a reasonable option for other people who might
move emails to places in some tree that fits their work style,

This flexibility is really the role of the sophisticated filter system.

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