[Evolution] Move mail to where?

I just moved from Evo 2.xx (RedHat 6) to Evo 3.28.5 (CentOS 7) and
I was pleased to be able to export-import all my settings and mail
Now everything is pretty nice, except for a problem where mail is
stored when I do Ctrl-Shift-V (I haven't fixed the menu bar yet).
I am using POP.  Under "On this computer" I have top level folders
like "mail2018", "mail2019", etc. and under these folders for
various senders.
With Evo 2, Move Mail opened a window with just the latest year
where I am saving current mail, so I could type the first few
letters of the folder name and get the correct one.  Now with
Evo 3.28, it insists on keeping all these folders open, so if
I type the first few letters of the folder name, I am mostly
getting the right name in the wrong year.  So I have to scroll
instead, which is much slower.  So, how do I make it keep open
(in the move folder tree popup) only the year folder I want?
(How would it know?  This could be the last one opened, the last
one created, one I would specify in a preference somewhere, or
whatever, I am not too fussy about this).
   Another minor annoyance--when I send an email, a little notice
pops up saying it is being sent, which disappears when the sending
is done.  I would rather it just sends in the background like it
used to--any way to turn this off?
George Reeke

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