Re: [Evolution] Move mail to where?

On Thu, 2020-01-16 at 19:17 +0100, George N. Reeke wrote:
Re folder--I guess this is a version
problem, my copy/move always shows all folders open, even though
only the one I want is open in the folder map at the left.

yes, that's intentional and I have it like that too. What I've been
talking about is that the dialog is opened with the previously selected
folder the next time you call Copy/Move messages.

I think I can tackle dependency issues when the time comes.

That would be challenging, due to evolution-data-server (eds)
dependency and the other system parts depending on eds as well. A bit
more about this can be seen here:

You may get better with Flatpak, even it has its own caveats too (due
to Flatpak design).

I'm not advising any of the above, just saying what one can do to get
to the latest versions, at least for testing purposes.

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