Re: [Evolution] Move mail to where?

On 2020-01-20 at 18:56 +0000, George N. Reeke wrote: 
OK, I guess I am weird to have folders with duplicate names at lower
levels of the mail tree.  I will stop explaining myself further and
just use the mouse instead of the keyboard search.

I do use a similar layout as the one you describe. Classification is a
very lax subject. The are lots of fine ways to do it. I would consider
weird the people that file important emails on the Trash (yes, they do),
not yours.

In case my workflow happens to be useful, what I generally do (for
common cases) is to set up filters to move to each final folder. The
important part is that the filters are configured not to be applied
automatically. In order to archive an email (for which there is a rule
set), I only need to press Ctrl+Y, to manually run filters on the
selected message(s).

Filters that should be applied automatically are setup at the server

I do sometimes find the filters a bit limited. For instance if you file
per year, it would be useful to have a way to extract the current year
(%Y, `date +%Y`...) or even the one of the email. Some cases would be
better represented with nested ifs. Or you could even want to file all
messages from john inside a subfolder of "john" named as the first word
that appears on his subject (assuming that subfolder exists),

Ultimately, I think one would need a pluggable filter system, so that a
custom program could return the action to be taken with the mail.

Best regards

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