Re: [Evolution] Move mail to where?

On Tue, 2020-01-21 at 03:50 +0100, Ángel wrote:
I do sometimes find the filters a bit limited. For instance if you
file per year, it would be useful to have a way to extract the
current year (%Y, `date +%Y`...) or even the one of the email. Some
cases would be better represented with nested ifs. Or you could even
want to file all messages from john inside a subfolder of "john"
named as the firstword that appears on his subject (assuming that
subfolder exists)

you are right, filters are limited. What you describe above are two
parts, one is the condition, the other is the action. The condition is
limited by the UI. I cannot imagine a reasonable UI for nested 'if'-s,
'and', 'or' and 'not'. Still, the condition "Free form expression"
supports all of 'and', 'or', 'not', even mixed together with brackets
(thus just like nested 'if'-s), which makes it quite powerful thing.
The downside is that the user needs to understand the syntax and how to
use it. That can be a limitation for regular users.

With respect of actions, especially picking destination folder for
copy/move operation on-the-fly based on the message being filtered,
that's not possible. I agree, it could be an interesting feature. I do
not know how such thing would look in the UI, because there might be an
expression, which can be similarly complicated as the condition, but
also with an output other than true/false.

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