Re: [Evolution] Move mail to where?

On Mon, 2020-01-20 at 09:45 -0500, Adam Tauno Williams wrote:

Sometimes the answer is a simpler workflow.

Perhaps COPY the mail to the archive folder [via filter] - leaving
free to simply DELETE the message from your INBOX once you've dealt-
with/read the message.  No moving of messages required.

First let me be clear, I am not using "type-to-search" to pick a
folder, I am using it to pick a named mailbox inside a folder in
a tree.  There are boxes in different branches of the tree that
have the same name--names of people I correspond with.  I don't
want to have to specify which folder every time.  Re your suggestion:
I already use filters to deal with mails I don't need to see before
dealing with them.  We are talking about mails I want to look at in
the preview pane and decide whether to delete at once, answer and file,
or leave for later.  I like your idea--I hadn't thought of it that
way--but I think then if I want to delete the mail I have to do it
twice, once in the inbox and once where it got copied.  [And yes, I
don't blindly keep everything in my archives that I delete.]

current year.  All I am asking for is that when I select a named
folder by typing a few letters, by default the dialog should
always pick the one for the current year when there are duplicates,
unless I scroll to and click on a different one.

Putting on my developer hat: that may seem intuitive, but it's not. 
That is hyper-specific use-case behavior.  What does "current" mean,
for example.

I stated in my earlier posting that I understand this ambiguity and
various solutions could work, like the way evolution worked before
this "enhancement" where the type-to-search always looked in the
folder last opened (by clicking on it in the left-hand menu or
storing in a mailbox in it as far as I could tell).  I wrote just
now in a reply to a separate posting by Milan than I think the best
would be to have a preference item: either look in all folders as
in the current version, or look in one folder specified in the
preference item (for me, that would the one for the current year).
To go to a different folder, one would click on it in the dialog
before starting to type a mailbox name.
George Reeke

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