Re: [Evolution] Move mail to where?

On Fri, 2020-01-17 at 18:13 +0100, Andre Klapper wrote:

Also note that recent versions allow defining an Archive folder. See
"Account Management > account type > Default Folders" in the Help.

I currently don't think that any code should be changed. How often do
you need to manually copy and move mail, and which underlying problem
is solved by this concept? Basically: If you have a "mail2018"
why do you still 'need' to move mail into that folder 13 months
Asking as it would help understand the workflow better here.

Dear Andre et al.,
Here is my workflow.  Apparently yours is different.  It would be
nice if evolution would allow variations.
I am a scientist.  I deal with most emails when they arrive, but
some contain material I need to read later.  I leave them in my
Inbox to remind me of their existence.  (Not a lot, maybe 50 more
than a year old.)  When I deal with any email, I want to move it to
a subfolder of the folder for the year when it arrived--usually the
current year.  All I am asking for is that when I select a named
folder by typing a few letters, by default the dialog should
always pick the one for the current year when there are duplicates,
unless I scroll to and click on a different one.  As I said in my
original posting, the default top-level folder could be the last one
used or the newest one or any other simple-to-program choice.
Actually better for me would be to have it be a preferences item,
so the dialog would go back to the one for the current year on those
rare occasions when I save in an old one before the current one.
I think this might be a reasonable option for other people who might
move emails to places in some tree that fits their work style,
whatever that might be, by years or something else.  Please note, I am
not asking the program to do anything specific to my situation other
than to avoid moving mails to the wrong place when there are duplicate
names in a tree and a name is selected by typing letters rather than
scrolling.  I think this might be a problem for others users as well.
   I do use filters for certain categories of low-priority emails.
I do not ever want unread ones not in those categories to be moved
automatically out of my inbox.  I think that is what you are
suggesting.  Not right for me.
George Reeke

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