Re: [Evolution] Annoyance with "next message" order

Next daft newbie-user question... how do I make that the default for 
*all* folders instead of having to change them one by one?

I don't know about that, but you can save a custom view (including sort
order) by setting the folder how you want and then doing View -> Current
View -> Save view.   Then it's reasonably trivial to set the correct
view of a folder when you first visit it (and that will remain until
it's changed).

In both of those cases, surely we're better off sorting by Received 
date not Sent? Should we make it the default?

Certainly I think the "Received" date is the better one to sort by,
although YMMV. But I thought the default was no sorting - i.e. the
messages are displayed in the order they are stored.  In general that's
the received order, but not when you start moving messages around.  But
I may be wrong about that - it's a long time since I used a vanilla


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