[Evolution] Annoyance with "next message" order

Hi all.  This has bugged me for years but never enough to complain about
it (until now, I guess :)).  I wonder if it's just me, or just my setup,
or what.  I'm currently using Evolution 3.12.10 but I've seen this for a
number of releases (maybe always?)

I order my folders by Received (Ascending) so my newest messages are at
the bottom, and I enable threading.  So suppose I get 15 new messages
and 10 of them are in the same thread.  I select the first one in the
thread, read it, press ^D to delete it... and at least 50% of the time
instead of automatically selecting the next message in the thread
according to the ordering shown in my folder, Evo jumps over the next
message (or two, or whatever) and selects another one inside the thread.
When this happens, it never goes back to the previous messages in the
thread; if I keep deleting it will get to the last message in the
thread, delete it, then go to the next message after the thread.

This is really surprising, especially because often the skipped messages
have context needed to understand the selected message.  Also, if I back
up to the first message that was skipped and delete that one, Evo will
jump back down to that same message again, skipping the intermediate

It seems like the "go to next message on delete" algorithm is not using
the same ordering as the "display threaded messages in a folder"

Does this happen to anyone else?  Is it a known issue?  Should I file an
enhancement request about it?

Also, what is the ordering that "go to next message on delete" actually
uses?  I might even be willing to choose the same order for my display,
if I knew what it was.

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