Re: [Evolution] evolutio forgets my passwords every start

Hi Patrick,

I've been following this thread, but only a little bit.  So let me
apologize if this ignores something you've explained.

I suspect I am seeing some of the same difficulties that you are. 
Actually, nothing related to Evolution or KDE (my box can't inhibit
auto-suspending under Enlightenment).  Though - I do, only sometimes,
get prompted to reenter my passwords for Evolution.

Anyhow - here's some things I have discovered that might help:

1) gnome-session is a crucial piece of the puzzle.  It starts up a
whole bunch of things in the correct order so all of this nonsense works.  Rather than being a script like most
Xsessions, it's a binary executable.  I can't find any documentation
which explain what key tasks it is doing, and I haven't looked at the

2) Minimal window managers like FVWM typically get installed with
Xsessions which instruct GDM to handle session management.  AFAICT,
this uses gnome-session to start FVWM.  This way, all the fdo stuff
gets started, and then the other WM is run instead of Gnome.

3) Hacking up session files to run Enlightenment via gnome-session
isn't enough to fix the problem.  So I think there still some piece of
the puzzle I'm missing.

4) Looking at pstree under Gnome and under Enlightenment hasn't shed
much light on the situation.  I can't see any processes that are

I am, at this point, confident that if I could convince gnome-session to
start correctly, my issues would be fixed.  KDE probably has something
similar to gnome-session, and I bet figuring out how to make that do
what you want is the key here too.


On Sat, 2012-03-10 at 11:31 -0430, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
On Fri, 2012-03-09 at 19:32 -0430, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
$ env|grep GNOME

However neither PID 2040, nor file /tmp/keyring-JmCobi exist (a bunch
other /tmp/keyring* files do exist). This looks like it's worth
investigating so I'll get on to it when I have more time.

Following up to myself: I've had to use FVWM due to unrelated problems
with KDE, and the password stuff works perfectly. The correct PID and
temp file are noted in GNOME_KEYRING_PID and GNOME_KEYRING_CONTROL and
Evo doesn't ask me for anything.

Definitely looking like a KDE bug. I'll pursue when I get KDE working


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