Re: [Evolution] evolutio forgets my passwords every start

I have two keyrings too, login and default, and it doesn't ask me
twice.  It only ask once to unlock the keyring and that's all.  

I think that this is very weird.  It has to have some kind of logic
somewhere but I just can't see it.

As I understand it ....

If PAM is setup correctly, when you login, PAM will use your login
password to unlock the "login" keyring.

Evo uses the default keyring - NOT necessarily the keyring called
'default' - to store passwords.

If the 'login' keyring is the default keyring, then when logging in, the
keyring will be unlocked and there will be no need to unlock anything or
enter any passwords when Evo starts up.

What *should* also happen is that if 'login' is not the default keyring,
then the password(s) for the other keyring(s) should be stored in the
'login' keyring and they will be automagically unlocked as necessary.

This does not always (ever?) work, so when Evo starts up it will ask for
the password for the default keyring *if* it has not already unlocked.

What I think is also happening for some people who use KDE, is that the
login keyring is not unlocked by PAM, so when Evo starts, the
gnome-keyring daemon is started and that asks for the password to the
'login' keyring, to try and find the password to unlock the default
keyring; when that doesn't work, it then asks for the password to the
default keyring.  So people get asked twice for their password.

Does all that seem logical??


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