Re: [Evolution] evolutio forgets my passwords every start

... and we're back. I updated my system and on logging in again Evo once
more asked me for my login password, which it had not done on the
earlier test (honest, guv).

Back to the drawing board.

I know you've said previously that you have two instances of
gnome-keyring-daemon running - is that still the case?  Do you know when
they are started?

Do you have Gnome Keyring integrated into PAM?  I suspect the Gnome docs
are the right place to go for info on this:

I have only one instance of gnome-keyring-daemon, it is started very
early on in my login sequence so I suspect it is the one started via
PAM.  I also only have one keyring (called 'login'), that is the default
keyring (obviously) and it contains all the passwords that Evo needs.
With this setup I am not asked for any passwords on starting Evo.


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