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            My operative system is Fedora 16, may be they manage some issues better than other systems.  Now I'm having a little and strange problem:  in Gnome sometimes appears something saying that Gconf is not running so it can't start the Evolution configuration.  But it only happens on Gnome, never on KDE.  I will try Cinnamon and see what happens.

Aside of this, may be you have ticked the "Download at start" option  (I'm translating from Spanish).  Or maybe is the mail protocol you use.  I have a POP3 account, and download the mail only when I press the button "Send/Receive".

Maybe is a bug of your distro or version?


El mar, 28-02-2012 a las 00:04 -0430, Patrick O'Callaghan escribió:

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When starting Evo for the first time in a new KDE login session, I
*almost* always have to give both passwords, i.e. login and keyring. I
say "almost" because in a small percentage of cases this doesn't happen
and I only have to give the keyring password. I've no idea why the
behaviour varies.

Note that the dialogue appears as soon as I launch Evo. I don't need to
click on Send/Receive. However that might be a configuration difference
as I have Evo set up to sync on startup.

My understanding is that under Gnome you should only ever have to give
the keyring password, and if it's the same as the login pw then you
won't have to give anything, i.e. it Just Works. Since I never use the
Gnome desktop (especially now with the flamewars about Gnome 3), I'm
just guessing about this.

BTW, I see I have two /usr/bin/gnome-keyring-daemon processes running:

1471 /usr/bin/gnome-keyring-daemon --daemonize --login
2536 /usr/bin/gnome-keyring-daemon --start --foreground --components=secrets

The first was started when I logged in. The second seems to have been
run explicitly by Evo, presumably because it couldn't find the first one
for some reason. That could be the reason I'm seeing what I'm seeing.
Perhaps your environment is different in some way.


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