Re: [Evolution] evolutio forgets my passwords every start

On Sat, 2012-03-03 at 10:19 -0200, Lailah wrote:

            My operative system is Fedora 16, may be they manage some
issues better than other systems.  Now I'm having a little and strange
problem:  in Gnome sometimes appears something saying that Gconf is not
running so it can't start the Evolution configuration.  But it only
happens on Gnome, never on KDE.  I will try Cinnamon and see what

Aside of this, may be you have ticked the "Download at start" option
(I'm translating from Spanish).  Or maybe is the mail protocol you use.
I have a POP3 account, and download the mail only when I press the
button "Send/Receive".

Maybe is a bug of your distro or version?

[Once again, please don't top-post]

I am also using Fedora 16. All my mail accounts but one are IMAP. The
odd one out is POP. However I doubt that that is the problem since Evo
is not asking me for any of the account passwords, it's asking 1) for my
login password, and 2) for my keyring password.


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