Re: [Evolution] evolutio forgets my passwords every start

Not quite.  We always talk to the default keyring, whatever it happens
to be labeled.  Default keyring is a separate setting from the keyring

Nowadays the default keyring is usually labeled 'login' so you get the
PAM login integration I mentioned earlier.

Maybe that's a clue. I logged out and in again, and ran Seahorse without
starting Evo. I see two keyrings, labelled 'login' and 'default'. I
could look inside the 'login' keyring, but had to present a password to
look in 'default'. Once I did that, Evo started without asking for

So should I just zap the 'default' keyring? It dates from 2007 and the
'login' one from 2008, so I've long forgotten why I set up two in the
first place.

I suppose it depends on which one contains your passwords!

I too have two keyrings - 'login' and 'default' - all my passwords are
in 'default' and I get asked for a password every time I start up Gnome
- so I thought I would do a bit of reading ...

It appears that unfortunately the PAM Gnome-Keyring integration will
only unlock the 'login' keyring - what is supposed to happen is that
when any other keyring is unlocked there should be a tick box saying
"Automatically unlock this on login" and then the password to this
keyring is stored in the login keyring and automatically used when the
keyring is needed in future. Needless to say, this doesn't happen for


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