Re: [Evolution] db3

On Wed, 2002-01-23 at 15:14, Sergey V. Udaltsov wrote:
No. 7.5M. I know, it's very cheap. But if every piece of software would
require its own particular versions of libraries....:(

If every library author understood interfaces and backward
compatibility, this wouldn't be an issue either.  Unfortunately, an
ideal world this isn't.  Portability between installations is more
important than a minor savings through shared memory... just read
through the mailing list archives over the past year from people whose
contacts disappeared.

You can definitely hack your, and source files
to work with whatever version of db3 you want, though.  The maintainers
might even accept a patch to make it a configure-time conditional, but I
think everyone knows the benefits and disadvantages of each approach. 
The thread is tiresome.  Let it go.


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