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  • print to pdf using terminal, Emmanuel Fernando
  • Feedback on users/evolution/3.12/intro-application.page, Claude Kemberg
  • Feedback on users/gnome-terminal/3.14/pref-custom-exit.page, POPE, DAVID C.
  • Feedback on users/gnome-terminal/3.14/pref-tab-window.page, POPE, DAVID C.
  • Feedback on users/gnome-terminal/3.14/pref-theme.page, POPE, DAVID C.
  • Feedback on users/gnome-terminal/3.14/gs-tabs.page, POPE, DAVID C.
  • Feedback on users/gnome-help/3.14/files-open.page, Antoine Brault
  • Feedback on users/banshee/2.6/search.page, Simon Dedman
  • Feedback on users/evolution/3.12/contacts-usage-edit-contact.page, NĂ©stor
  • Feedback on users/epiphany/3.14/browse-webapps.page, Hogan, Michael C
  • Feedback on users/gnome-help/3.14/a11y.page, Donald A Gray
  • Feedback on gnome-devel-demos/3.14/magic-mirror.va la.page, Miguel Vaello
  • Feedback on users/evolution/3.12/mail-composer-change-quotation-string.page, Ivan Shapovalov
  • Feedback on users/gnome-boxes/3.14/index.page, nooniensoong97
  • Feedback on hig/3.14/writing-style.page, Jim Nelson
  • Feedback on users/gnome-help/3.14/screen-shot-record.page, Richard Klein
  • Feedback on misc/release-notes/3.14/touchscreen-gestures.page, Marc Heydorn
  • Feedback on users/orca/3.14/commands_reading.page, Joanne Cvar
  • Feedback on users/evolution/3.12/index.page, Juan Manuel Galilea
  • Feedback on users/evince/3.14/noprint.page, claudia
  • Feedback on users/gnome-sudoku/3.14/keyboard-shortcuts.page, Samuel Irlapati

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