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Hi Marc

On 2015-01-10 15:45, Marc Heydorn <heydorn informatik uni-hamburg de> wrote:
Offering Multitouch gestures on touchpads is a really important topic,
beside getting a better battery life on laptops.
Laptops are more and morer the choice of the users. Multitouch gestures
are a way to improve the productivity, but gnome is still not supporting
multitouch gestures on e.g. Thinkpad Touchpads. Important are 4 or 3
finger swipes to change the virtual desktops or pinch to zoom.
Adding these features will help to improve the acceptance of Linux on

Are there any plans for there features?

There is active development on libinput for and Wayland display systems, which will make supporting a variety of input devices (including gestures on touchpads) much simpler:

If you have general feedback on GNOME, rather than specific feedback about a page of documentation, you may way to direct your query to a mailing list instead:


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