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On 18/01/2015, nooniensoong97 <nooniensoong97 gmail com> wrote:
I can't seem to find a forum to get help on installing virtual boxes. I
am having an issue with virtual  extensions being unavailable on my
system. The error states:

"Virtual extensions are unavailable  on your ssytem. If your system is
recent (post 2008), check your BIOS settings to enable them."

However I do not have that option in my bios. Do I need to install
theses extensions on fedora?

By the way my computer has fedora 20 installed on it.

Did you try verifying that your computer supports virtualization: ?

It is likely that either your hardware or the firmware for your
hardware does not support virtualization. This should be explained
better in the documentation, so I have filed a bug which you can
track, or even help provide a fix for, at

Where did the error message come from?


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