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On 21/01/2015, Hogan, Michael C <Michael C Hogan2 boeing com> wrote:
Great. I was able to access about:applications and manage the installation
from there.

Incidentally, the latest release of Raspian no longer seems to recognize web
applications as items that can be added easily to the Menu or Application
Launcher. Here are the steps I took as a workaround. Once the web
application was created, I navigated to my `~/.local/share/applications/`
directory and found the Desktop Entry file that Epiphany created,
`<web-app>.desktop`. I edited the file with Leafpad to add the line
`Categories=Game;` and then, I had to open the file system as root and copy
that Desktop Entry file to both `/usr/share/applications` and
`/usr/local/share/applications`. Last, I ran `lxpanelctl restart` from the
Terminal. I'm unclear if this should be part of the same bug report, handled
separately, or added to the docs.

I'm not sure that this belongs on the upstream side of things as we
try to keep the documentation upstream-specific, which is GNOME in
this case. On the other hand, Mallard was specifically designed to
take into account downsream changes so it is would not be difficult to
patch the docs with those instructions for distribution on Raspbianā€¦

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On 21/01/2015, Hogan, Michael C <Michael C Hogan2 boeing com> wrote:
Hello, I'm trying to use "save as web application" but cannot figure
out where the resulting files are actually saved. I'd like to locate
them in the file system so that I can delete old web applications that
are no longer needed and create short cuts to open web applications more

You are correct that the documentation doesn't explain how to delete a web

I have filed a bug at you can subscribe to it
to follow the progress or you can submit a patch to fix it.


Michael C. Hogan, michael c hogan2 boeing com

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