Re: Feedback on users/orca/3.14/

Hi Joanne

On 2015-01-08 13:16, Joanne Cvar <cvar peak org> wrote:
I just updated to Ubuntu 14.04 LST, and I can't get the Orca screen
reader to read the text I need. These Gnome commands don't seem to work.
He does read _everything_ else. Where are the preferences? The icon is
no longer there.

Thanks for the feedback. There does not seem to be a separate launcher icon for the Orca preferences, but I was able to access them by pressing Insert+Space (hold the Insert key and then press the spacebar, and then release both keys).

As I do not have much knowledge of the accessibility features of GNOME (nor how those features are used on Ubuntu), I have forwarded this reply to the Orca users mailing list <orca-list gnome org>, where the subscribers should hopefully be able to help you further.


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