print to pdf using terminal

Dear Sir,

I have few pdf files

they open well using evince document viewer

however they do not open correctly in another pdf editor i have . it is master pdf editor
some elements go blank

let me be clear that i am not asking you to solve a problem of master pdf editor

to solve my problem

i use a work around

using evince document viewer
i print the given pdf file to pdf format

that is i use the print to file option in print dialog box

the result is also a pdf file

and this time this new pdf file opens properly through the editor .

i want a way to print a large number of pdf files using the print to file option.

but it would be very time consuming

please give me a terminal command alternative where i can use wildcards and specify
location of input and output files

i tried unoconv

but the result were damaging

the output files went scrambled a bit .

please give me a solution using evince through terminal only

thank you

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