Re: DialUp Pref [was: Re: HTML support (was Re: Simplification of preferences)]


I had to revert to the HEAD version of Balsa. The Gnome2 version didn't 
work for me. Random crashes when deleting messages, missing message counts, 
weird behaviour selecting new messages after the current message is 
deleted, inefficient use of screen real estate, unreadble HTML 
rendering.... well, enough of that. I have to get back to it once it 
matures a bit, can't affort the headaches with something as mission 
critical as email.

On 2002.11.18 22:54 Toralf wrote:
> I'm not sure I understand what that means.

SMTP after POP is used by mail servers that don't do authentication. It's a 
kludge whereby the relaying of messages via SMTP is allowed from a given IP 
address for a certain amount of time after the address has been 
successfully authenticated in a POP3 transaction.
Support for that only means to only send mail immediately after 
authenticating with POP3, no more.
Suggestion: use the (new) dialup setting. SMTP after POP3 i used almost 
exclusively by dialup ISPs. So, when dialup is selected, "Always queue mil" 
should default to on, with the queued messages being sent when the "Check 
mail" button is clicked. That way, it can be sent after all POP3 boxes have 
been checked and relaying will work. If it's not a dialup setting, the user 
really should have access to a decent SMTP server and not need such a 

> POP? We could throw it all away for all I care...

And replace it with what? On extremely low bandwidth, IMAP is still too 



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