Re: HTML support (was Re: Simplification of preferences)


  I've read the article now. I still think that, generally speaking, 
preferences are a GoodThing.
In respect to Balsa, it means this:

Completely disable the display of new mail check in the status bar. It has 
a bug that can make Balsa hang and it's use is nil. Strike one pref in the 

Strike the IMAP options. After thinking about it, they're duplicated 
anyway. There's a check for new mail check box in mailbox setup. That can 
be used to replace the "Check IMAP" global feature on a server by server 
basis. That makes much more sense, as some servers may be local, others may 
be remote.

Fix the highlighting behaviour when messages are moved. Strike one more 
pref (Check INBOX only).

Keep the "Show status window" pref, but simplify it. A Check box "Display 
progress window" could replace it. Make it so that it will close when done, 
Hardcode it to never show on automatic mail checking, there's no sense in 
having it steal the focus. If something goes wronh, an error message will 
pop up, anyway.

Strike "open INBOX on startup". Make a new setting called "Computer is on a 
dialup connection". Behind that, several relevant prefs can be coded to not 
check/open the inbox, do not do background mail checks, not check message 
counts on IMAP unless scanning for new mail, et al.

Should be cleaner, yet offer the same functionality.

Oh, yes, the notification window and it's pref need to stay. It's a major 
usability feature for someone who has a leased line to the internet and 
keep Balsa open in the background 24/7.



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