Re: DialUp Pref [was: Re: HTML support (was Re: Simplification of preferences)]

> Hello,
> I had to revert to the HEAD version of Balsa. The Gnome2 version didn't 
> work for me. Random crashes when deleting messages, missing message 
> counts, weird behaviour selecting new messages after the current message 
> is deleted, inefficient use of screen real estate, unreadble HTML 
> rendering.... well, enough of that. I have to get back to it once it 
> matures a bit, can't affort the headaches with something as mission 
> critical as email.
Hmmm. I'm not really using Balsa 2 yet, either. I just thought it would be 
more productive to apply GUI changes to the Balsa-2 branch at this stage. 
And I couldn't produce a useful patch based on the source tree where I 
normally build, as I have made too many other changes.

> On 2002.11.18 22:54 Toralf wrote:
>> I'm not sure I understand what that means.
> SMTP after POP is used by mail servers that don't do authentication. 
> It's a kludge whereby the relaying of messages via SMTP is allowed from 
> a given IP address for a certain amount of time after the address has 
> been successfully authenticated in a POP3 transaction.
> Support for that only means to only send mail immediately after 
> authenticating with POP3, no more.
> Suggestion: use the (new) dialup setting. SMTP after POP3 i used almost 
> exclusively by dialup ISPs. So, when dialup is selected, "Always queue 
> mil" should default to on, with the queued messages being sent when the 
> "Check mail" button is clicked. That way, it can be sent after all POP3 
> boxes have been checked and relaying will work. If it's not a dialup 
> setting, the user really should have access to a decent SMTP server and 
> not need such a kludge.
Sounds reasonable.

>> POP? We could throw it all away for all I care...
> And replace it with what? On extremely low bandwidth, IMAP is still too 
> slow....
Is it really? Or is it just that the Balsa/libmutt's implementation is 

- Toralf

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