Re: HTML support (was Re: Simplification of preferences)


>> While I don't want to check for new messages in IMAP, for reasons I've 
>> already explained, I do like to see the tree view populated with message 
>> counts. My patch will "half open" each IMAP folder and retrieve the 
>> message and unread counts for all folders.
> Shouldn't the mail check always do that?

It doesn't. First of all, when I set up to check the INBOX only, or not to 
check IMAP at all, all that means is I don't want those folders to trigger 
the new mail sound/new mail popup and I don't wat the new messages color 
indicator to be set on them. What it actually does is not to look at those 
mailboxes at all. The patch is of no consequence when new mail check is 
activated for all IMAP folders. It sould, for performance reasons, not be 
used on slow dialup links, either. It's perfect for using IMAP as a 
centralized message store.

>> Once I get Gnome 2 ready and Balsa compiled with it, I will port my 
>> patch and post it to the list (it's very small). Maybe you can work it 
>> into yours so they can be committed together.
> Possibly.

Well, I did rework the patch, but apparently it is of no use in the current 
version of the BALSA_2 branch, since message counts vanish as soon as 
folders are expanded. Since folders are never expanded by default, the 
message counts are obtained in the background, but are discarded from the 
tree as soon as the folders they belong to are shown. Hmmm, needs some 
fixing, all of this...



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