DialUp Pref [was: Re: HTML support (was Re: Simplification of preferences)]

Am 2002.11.14 23:21 schrieb(en) Toralf:
>> Hello,
>>  I've read the article now. I still think that, generally speaking, 
>> preferences are a GoodThing.
>> In respect to Balsa, it means this:
> [ ... ]
> Yes. Your notes here are very sensible.
> I actually had a stab at making some of the changes you mention + a few 
> more of my other suggestions that aren't too radical.
> A patch is attached (BALSA_2 branch, current CVS.)

I haven't applied it (no time...)
But in general I don't like the idea of a "dial up" setting.
What should be the pupose of such a thing?

Better would perhaps be an online/ offline mode with a new setting in each 
server pref "check only when online" instead of the old "check mail from 
this server"
In that way you would also be able to handle queue and send immediately 
and things like that.


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