Re: DialUp Pref [was: Re: HTML support (was Re: Simplification of preferences)]

> Am 2002.11.14 23:21 schrieb(en) Toralf:
>>> Hello,
>>>  I've read the article now. I still think that, generally speaking, 
>>> preferences are a GoodThing.
>>> In respect to Balsa, it means this:
>> [ ... ]
>> Yes. Your notes here are very sensible.
>> I actually had a stab at making some of the changes you mention + a few 
>> more of my other suggestions that aren't too radical.
>> A patch is attached (BALSA_2 branch, current CVS.)
> I haven't applied it (no time...)
> But in general I don't like the idea of a "dial up" setting.
> What should be the pupose of such a thing?
The idea is that some functionality that is usually convenient, might 
cause trouble on a dial-up connection because the computer may no actually 
be connected to the net, or because the connection is *slow* when it is. 
The only argument for not having certain features "always on", appears to 
be that they could cause trouble on a dialup-connection. So why not 
collect all of these in a single setting rather than having several 
confusing prefs?

I haven't *really* thought a lot about this, though, and I'm not sure that 
"dial up" is a good name for the setting.

> Better would perhaps be an online/ offline mode with a new setting in 
> each server pref "check only when online" instead of the old "check mail 
> from this server"
> In that way you would also be able to handle queue and send immediately 
> and things like that.
Yes. That could be useful. A pref would still be needed, though, since 
much of this has to do with startup behaviour. And I'm not sure a 
per-server setting is right in this case, since I think we can assume all 
or none of the servers are accessed through the dialup connection.

- Toralf

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