Re: DialUp Pref [was: Re: HTML support (was Re: Simplification of preferences)]

> Am 2002.11.18 09:32 schrieb(en) Toralf Lund:
>>> Am 2002.11.14 23:21 schrieb(en) Toralf:
>> The idea is that some functionality that is usually convenient, 
>> might cause trouble on a dial-up connection because the computer may 
>> no actually be connected to the net, or because the connection is 
>> *slow* when it is. The only argument for not having certain features 
>> "always on", appears to be that they could cause trouble on a 
>> dialup-connection. So why not collect all of these in a single 
>> setting rather than having several confusing prefs?
>> I haven't *really* thought a lot about this, though, and I'm not 
>> sure that "dial up" is a good name for the setting.
> You think about some special prefs, aren't you?
I'm thinking about prefs like "open inbox on startup" and "check mail 
on startup". Initially I thought those should always be on, but someone 
argued that this was perhaps not wanted on a dialup-connection.

Someone else also mentioned other options.

> But which setting would need this except the polling of the servers 
> and the queuing of sent mails.
> I don't think anybody access ldap servers through the internet, or?
Actually, I may eventually want to access the LDAP server at work from 
home. And there are public LDAP servers.

But I have an ADSL link of course ;-)

> An online and offline mode would perhaps reflect such a thing much 
> better, but that is only a naming thing...
Yes. And the (only) global setting might be "startup in offline mode" 
or something, or maybe we could use save the current mode on exit, or 
try to detect the current state of the connection (but then again, the 
code necessary to do this might be more complex than we'd like.)

> Another note on this: in a recent article about Balsa in a German 
> Computer mag ("c't") they complain about not supporting "smtp after 
> pop"
I'm not sure I understand what that means.

POP? We could throw it all away for all I care... 
> - perhaps we can simply change the general behaviour (or create again 
> a new pref ;-)
> cu
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