Problem with FccMRU

Hi All.
Just of a sudden my Balsa 1.4.1 started to not copy my mail to my 
sentbox.. I noticed this today missing the last 2-3 days of sent mails - 
which is a bit annoying. I don't recall changing anything, so I guess at 
some point Balsa changed the config.

Not knowing what I was looking for I cut out pieces of the config, and 
after a while I found out that with the following it doesn't work and 
without it works like a charm:




I don't have a clue if it was there before it started to not save my mails 
in sentmail nor if its suppose to look that way.. Any insights on why my 
Balsa suddently started to not save my mails in sentbox?

Regards Martin Leopold.
Dept. of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen

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