Re: I'm new to balsa and can't get it to work ...

> With all of the problems I've been having because Balsa isn't similar to
> Eudora like it says it is, this was the last straw.

I think there are a few issues here:

Some people unrealistically expect Balsa to be *identical* to Eudora and 
that there should be *no* learning curve.  In this case our drag-n-drop 
works differently.  Shift must stay held down while dragging not just 
selecting.  Additionally you must drag the first selected mail.  This is 
unlike windows and therefore by definition unlike Eudora.

As I remember Matt Guenther put in a lot of work to get dnd to where it is 
now.  The CList selection in particular seemed to cause problems.  Is 
there a CList replacement now that CList is deprecated for gnome2 that 
would make this simpler?

I certainly can't complain about something easy to adjust to that works 
well. :)  Balsa have proven itself invaluable to me :)

> I've removed Balsa from my system and after this message is posted will 
> unsubscribe from the list.

It helps to be patient with free software from volunteers. :)  I wish 
everyone would remember that.

Michael Broaddus

--- Michael Broaddus <> ---
--- Sat Mar 30 14:42:53 2002             ---
--- gpgkey: 0x59DD97A4 ---

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