Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] a new design mockup for the RB homepage

Martin Jeppesen wrote:

I don't think degrading functionality is good for anyone.

I am not removing function from the webpage.. you still have a single
click until you get your screenshots its just "media" which holds more
points.. but showing all together....

It is degrading when you (re)move something as important as Download from a website dedicated to the content in Download.

Thats your point of view.. i think media is just fine and logic for anything from download to screenshots.. because all of those are media.. so i think there will be not totally lost and confused users.. strawling around on the website feeling lost and homesick.. because of the deadly complicated 4 menu items they have to choose from... ( yeah i like to be sarcastic ) have 8 menus. You have now 5 in your ideas.
What is there were 4 to the left of the triangle and 4 to the right?

Thats a strange idea...


Because i think it woun't look good.. on my design :o) so i think i can say i think its a strange idea...
To bring up some more "designers view" splitting up a menu is always bad usability... ( and THAT really is visually confusing.. )

Anyway. I only ask those questions, so the best solution is reached.

I think we look at the subject with two different eyes; From a
designers point of view and users/developers point of view.

I am really pissed off by now.. you did the absolute worst thing you could do.. degrade me and everything i do as "designers view".. thank you.. so there are "designers" and "normale people".... brilliant.... ( btw. i am doing my diploma in Computer Science right now.. so i am also one of the "normal people" )

Here I write users/developers because I also think it is important to
honor the developers for their work with a Download link on the front

Yeah right... so now i am the bad designer pulling down the developers work by removing the download link...

================================== End of personal flame shit talking by me ===============================

My reasons for doing the things are:

4 Items
--> easier recognizeable ( and easy to distinguish ) *scientific fact*
--> less "interface" clutter
--> easier to expand without braking the design
if you do an extra download link it gets confusing then you have to pull out screenshots and everything else.. and do a one menuitem for every little subjection... which is bad webdesign
--> less "clicks" need to get the information ( not a click on screenshots, then on about then on download then on ... so on... )
--> personal point of view : looks better

Blue background
--> gives the content more of a "border" visualy
--> if viewed on a bigger resolution is less "boring"

Fixed width design
--> easier to read *scientific fact*
--> easier to navigate ( mouse pointer in a smaller monitor area )
--> easier to design

PS: To say that AGAIN I AM NOT REMOVING ANY CONTENT because of moving it into a "media" section.. everyone looking for download seeing the "news, media, about, development" will know that media will get him his "MEDIA" aka download.. there will be no hidden sub menus.. no extra clicks nothing.. its just click on media Boom you there.. pretty nice layouted download section with cvs and everything.. right there...

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